Cougar Dating


Perhaps you are a young man who wants to develop himself with a more experienced lady, or who just finds high school students prettier than his peers. Ladies, maybe you have reached your own peak and want someone who can keep up, or maybe you would just want someone with the least amount of luggage than almost all men of your age.

Regardless of your reasoning - there is no judgment here - you are just trying to meet someone for the new novel. However, to be honest, most people looking for cougars dating websites in this category usually want something similar to casual dating. 

You have to learn the easiest part - understand what you want. Now the hardest part is finding a dating platform of a cougar dating site which meets your needs, easily accessible, transparent and fairly involved local. Well, let's start. If cougar looking for younger man. She will use the dating site. 

Best Cougar Dating Sites

Cougar Life

For the third year in a row has been a good way to meet pretty mature ladies for young boys.

Again, Cougar Life demonstrated that it has a ton of single cougar ladies who are interested in younger men, an attractive user base of pretty ladies and the highest chance of achievement for men his goals in dating cougar ladies.

The main conclusion that we got from testing the free Cougar Life offer is that if you are serious about meeting with one cougar, and Cougar Life is completely worth your time.

Cougar Life is the world's largest dating website, which is dedicated to meeting cougar ladies and young men.

After testing and browsing hundreds of websites dedicated to encouraging men to meet cougar ladies, you will find out that only Cougar Life is fully dedicated to cougars, which we can categorize as “prime” after a broad review and Cougar Life tests.

Date A Cougar

A little more expensive than some of the other websites on this list ($14.85-28.59/month; free for a cougar), and skipping any chat options in the present tense, this website really has a nice, smooth layout with almost all the fun features. There are quite a few to choose from (1,000,000+), mainly from Canada, the USA, and England, and you can confirm your own acc to justify that you are real. However, the dating platform claims that it is totally dedicated to meeting a cougar. That is one of the first places where older mail order brides looking for younger men. 

Older Women Dating

The self-proclaimed “elite-level dating service for older cougars”, OlderWomenDating can be downloaded for free from Google Play (iOS version is also available). “We would like to say thanks to all the people on for the good service they provided,” said one of the former users named Mr. Blondeche about his current relationship. "Age does not matter - just follow your hearts and there is nothing impossible." is one of those cougar sites that has been dedicated to connecting older ladies (cougars) with young men.

However, at first glance, the site looks awkward, but something not bad lies in the background of the website.

It’s hard to find a good website designed specifically for older ladies (and their younger men). But Older Women Dating did it and make a fine user interface for older women. 


Just by looking at this website, your first question will be “when was the last time they updated this website?”. This cougar website does not appear to have been redesigned since 2005. If you compare this to the cutting-edge design of high-quality websites, such as Cougar Life, you really will be swiftly incredulous.

In our full review of Cougared, we found a lot of really bad Photoshop and virtually no real ladies. When you use their cougar search function to search for ladies who have recently registered, you may find that the ZERO ladies have registered for that day. So, we have a cougar dating app, in which there are no ladies and a scary design. It’s definitely not worth your time.


AgeMatch offers service for all kinds of age differences, whether mature men look after young ladies or older women seeking younger men. With this concept in mind, you will find more people here than almost all the niche dating websites can offer, partly because their website together uses an Infobase with an abundance of other dating websites of owners, while SuccessfulMatch acts as an umbrella company (for example, OlderWomanDating, but the complete Infobase is used together with AgeMatch). At a cost of membership between $16.27 to $29.89 per month, you can find anything special to attract attention.

Adult Friend Finder

If you really want to meet cougars for some short-term fun without any criteria, then Adult FriendFinder (which you can experience for free) will provide you with the best opportunities. This applies to both young men and more mature men.

When you think of such older woman younger man dating sites, Tinder is probably the first thing that pops up in your head, and not without reason. Tinder is very popular but has some severe limitations when it comes to women over thirty of age. Ladies over 30 years old just not so often use Tinder.

This is where Adult FriendFinder really good. It has existed since 2006 and has a gigantic user base of over 50 million people, and MUCH more of their members are single ladies aged 30, 40 and even fifty years old which Tinder can’t offer. 

For short-term cougar fun, you need to find a website with a huge number of ladies, long-term credibility and attention to people who are interested in the same thing. The Adult FriendFinder really does all three of them. Check out their free trial and try what they offer. They have been around for a long time and have a ton of users. That is one of the best cougar finder. 

What Cougar Women Love?

The popular cougar stereotype is a heterosexual unmarried lady aged 35 to 55. She maintains a youthful appearance, with the help of exercises, cosmetics, plastic surgery or she composes all of that. She is comparatively rich or, at least, financially independent, and she expresses her sexuality by chasing young men for casual relationships or sexual contacts. She does this, and she says that she desires a partner who appreciates and can satisfy a sexually persistent and financially independent lady.

This stereotype also implies that cougars usually look for unserious, temporary sexual relationships. At the same time, they are perceived as ladies who seek to correspond to serious, age-related ideas about female beauty, in other words, to maintain youth and harmony until middle age.

There are many circumstances in which ladies can enter into a relationship with the label of "cougar." Most likely, she is unlikely to be ultimately obliged to support her own husband (on a physical or mental level) in the last few years of her life, since his health is aggravated. Ladies, as before, live longer than men, so the choice of a younger partner may be optimal. Ladies also report that young men value their financial independence, interest in sex, and freedom from stereotypes.

However, the flaws are serious: there is a social stigma, and men are often pressured by their friends to find someone younger. In a lavish relationship, ladies are unlikely to want more children when their young partner wants, and yet almost all men report that their partner’s higher income is a benefit, and some analyzes demonstrate that this can also lead to confrontation.

Best cougar dating websites criteria

How to find a cougar site for safe dating? Over the past 3 years, we painstakingly tested and reviewed over 100 different sites and applications for cougar dating with yearly reviews of the best platforms. That contains a huge number of well-known dating websites and apps that are not intended only for ladies meeting young men and vice versa.

All over the world, there are millions of cute lonely cougars who wish to meet both young and older men. After another 1 fine year of testing, reviewing and comparing (along with a huge number of samples and miscalculations) the experience of online dating, we again share the fruits with our readers in our review of best free cougar dating sites and apps!

We discovered the best dating sites for cougar making real testing:

  • Over 100 different dating websites and apps tested;

  • We estimated the quality and number of single older women for younger men;

  • We determined how difficult it will be to meet older women;

  • We estimated how easy is to use the website;

  • We painstakingly examined each site for signs of something suspicious;

  • We provide detailed reviews of each website.

Completely the hardest part of being a man interested in dating older ladies is finding and meeting them without wasting a ton of time and effort. After our deep experience, this is the best method to find, meet and date cougars. Unfortunately, there are only a few dating sites that are worth your time.

Why Should You Try Cougar Dating Online?

Older women looking for men with something more than fine banking account and power. What they desire is the right one man for them. This works in different ways. When you try online dating with cougar women, you have more opportunities to find the cougar that will be perfect for you. It is hard even to start a conversation with cougar women before spending time with them but the website will do the job for you.

Almost all cougar dating sites use suitable software that selects young people and cougars based on their daily likes, dislikes, and other interests. It makes everything a lot easier. Almost all of these dating websites even provide personality testing so you can find a suitable couple for yourself. You are probably wondering if there are fine cougar online dating sites.

 The world around you is still changing and becoming more applicable, but it is still not one hundred percent. This did not prevent the web from contacting all types of people. Cougar dating websites are there, and every year more and more sites appear online.

If you plan to date cougars, then this is the best chance to join cougars online dating sites. These dating websites can further expand your search for your perfect cougar match so that you can eventually stop the search and meet this perfect cougar for you.

Why Cougar Women Love Online Dating?

Cougars are busy! We are dealing with ladies who are not only more mature than the girls that young men usually encounter. They are also more advanced in their own careers, hobbies, and other interests. While your average 22-year-old girl is working at Starbucks or looking for a job at the starting level, cougars are busy with their careers and they spent years to build it.

These ladies do not have time to spend in bars wanted by young men and do not want to. But they are extremely open to the search for young people without leaving their homes.

Online dating is the only way out for them. A public profile on eHarmony or is acceptable by ordinary social standards. And most people would not even talk about it. But having a profile on some of the very extreme dating websites that were listed above can harm the reputation which was building for several years.

It is easier to find young men interested in dating older ladies. Let's face it, it can be extremely difficult to find out if a young man is interested in meeting old ladies. It is often understood that men only want to date ladies younger than them. This can make it inconvenient for more mature ladies to take the first step.

The ability to quickly and simply see through the dating profile that a man is interested in dating ladies older than them, so it’s even easier for a lady to take the first step.


On these cougar dating sites, there is a mind-blowing population of older ladies who want to meet young men. If you are serious about dating a cougar woman, you won’t find anything better that would bring such a good result, depending on how much effort you put in.

We select the best service for exploring cougar women, which will be exciting, joyful and respectful. Some of the fundamental things that you should find on the site are professionalism and respect, non-sexual or non-degrading advertising and graphics. In the end, you will be able to think that you will have the best experience in exploring cougars.